my crazy life.....

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my crazy life..... Empty my crazy life.....

Post  jessica Admin on Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:11 pm

Well heres my blog woohoo bring on the rest of 2009.
Anyway to start my blog hmm where to start lol .

Well im jessica haha as we all know, I'm a mother to 3 beautiful crazy children.
i'm a photographer im 22 and im as crazy as they come.
been playing the girls birthdays and jesse christening and yea, my little man cries all day he sleeps 15min out of a day but i am lucky as he sleeps through the night but i just seem to be so tried still, so no more babies ever for me.
hmm thats really all atm but ill be back
alien Razz Shocked

my babies
my crazy life..... Siggiea009
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