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Post  jessica Admin on Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:25 am

1. Members are expected to express themselves in a polite and friendly manner at all times. Please also refrain from the use of obscene profanities in general discussions.

2. Members are expected to show respect for others and their opinions. Bullying, abuse and personal attacks will not be tolerated by any means; either on the boards or via PM. We ask that you do not retaliate, but report any offending posts using the alert button available or forward offending PMs to a moderator.

3. Debating and opinions are more than welcome ,but please becareful of others feelings. We will not tolerate attacks on other members and threads will be locked or deleted as appropriate and we will also review membership.

4.admin an mods reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason. We will endeavour to inform you of our reasoning via the PM system.

5. we reserve the right to review any membership at any time, and take appropriate action as necessary.

6. Members are asked to respect the decisions of the Moderators and Administrators. However, if you feel a decision has been made unjustly, please contact an Administrator via PM.

7. There is to be no judging anyone at anytime. This is a non judgement forum, and I hope that you will respect that.

8. I wish to advise that anyone being racist will be banned admedianly.
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